Prepared by Bassam Mechammil

September 30, 2007


Mind boosting miracle:

“YERBA MATE” may be the best documented mind booster in history. In South America, this jungle punch is becoming more popular than coffee. Medical authorities in Europe have approved it as a remedy for mental fatigue and physical weakness. Nearly 500 years ago, missionaries learned about this miracle herb from South American tribes. Then, they started growing their herb at their missions and brewing it themselves. 19th Century naturalist Charles Darwin tried it on his voyages and called it the ideal stimulant. Modern Biochemists recently found it contains over 40 powerful plant compounds, including crucial brain nutrients to the brain. These nutrients are so nourishing for the brain and nerve cells that it may even help people with Parkinson’s.


Arthritis Vanishes:

Gin-Soaked raisins qualify as the arthritis home remedy of the century. This remedy was once tested by an expert pharmacologist at the University of North Carolina. The amazing Gin-Soaked Raisin Remedy:

1 lb. golden raisins

Gin (approximately 1 pint)

Spread the golden raisins in a glass bowl and pour enough gin over them to completely cover for five to seven days. When the gin is absorbed, transfer the raisins to a glass jar with a lid and keep it closed. Do not refrigerate.

Dosage: Each day eat 9 raisins.


Shopping for your Health:

If you are interested in organic food, here is a look at what  is probably worth paying extra for to get organic and what is probably not:

To buy…..

Apples, peaches, bell peppers, strawberries, grapes, spinach, lettuce, potatoes, carrots, milk and dairy products, meat and poultry, and baby food.

Or not to buy…

Broccoli, bananas, frozen sweet peas, frozen con, asparagus, avocados, onions, seafood, and some processed food such as breads, chips, pasta, and oils.




A- Consider suspending your automobile collision and liability insurance whenever you’re not going to be using your car for any length of time-even for as short as a week. Contact your insurance agent about whether the company offers this service.


B- Taking Social Security at age 62 makes sense for about half of all people. The traditional advice has been to wait to receive full benefits at age 65 instead of accepting 80% of benefits, available at 62. Break-even point, assuming 3% inflation and 8% return on investments: Age 84. Only someone who lives longer than age 84 comes out ahead by waiting until age 65 for Social Security.


C- Before fire threatens, plan your evacuation. Make a list of items you want to take with you during an evacuation. Examples of things you’ll need:

1. Prescriptions and medications

2. Eyeglasses

3. Important documents like birth certificates, passports, insurance papers and inventory, checkbook and phonebook, tax records

4. Children’s school record

5. Medical records

6. Photos

7. Jewelry and cash