Entrance from Homs

Road to Fairouzeh from Homs

Village Square and Fountain

Church of the Virgin Mary

An old house

Eastern Road and shops

Family Mausoleums

Entrance from Zaidal

New Make-up Factory

Road from Zaidal

Entering from Zaidal

Cemetary Entrance

Eastern Road and Shops

Soccer Field

Entrance from Tal Haynoun

Southern Entrance

Southern Road and Shops

Fairouzeh Health Clinic

Hilmi Abdelnour Memorial High School

New Village Municipal Office Building

Sleeman Ballat Memorial Elementary School

More of the Southern Road and Shops

Old Village Municipal Offices


Jura Al-Kishk

Oldest School in Fairouzeh

Entrance to Sacred Heart of Jesus Plaza

Catechism Center and Catholic Social Hall

Sacred Heart of Jesus Syriac Catholic Church

Southwestern Road

St. Elias Syriac Orthodox Church

St. Elias Religious Education Center and Social Hall

St. George Syriac Orthodox Church

Fairouzeh Presbyterian Church

Western Road and Shops

Old Fairouzeh High School

Martyr Memorial Square

Fairouzeh's Rawtha (Preschool & Kindergarten)

Entrance to the Rawtha

Al Hadeeka (Fairouzeh Municipal Park)

Road from Village Square to the South

Special thanks to Mr. George Seder for providing the pictures used on this page